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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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[ frank ] join today at raley's dotcom, or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ frank ] raley's, bel air, and nob hill. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a deadly nine hour span in oakland. investigators are looking into three separate shootings leading to four deaths. last night, two people were killed in separate incidents on macarthur boulevard. then this morning, two more were killed on 72nd avenue. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in oakland where the family of one of the
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victims is speaking out. elissa. >> reporter: that's right. the family members want to remember this man as a father who worked the graveyard shift trying to get his g.e.d. to get a better life. you can see broken glass left behind from the latest shooting where two men were sitting inside a car when they were approached by somebody else on foot. >> my son was a good kid. he kind of like stayed to his self. >> reporter: family members robert dell, jr., tearfully looked through pictures of the 23-year-old with his 2-year-old son. >> i know he don't understand yet, but it's going to break my heart when he come over here and say, where my dad at? >> reporter: dell died one of four victims of gun violence in oakland overnight in three shootings. the latest happened around 6 a.m. on the 1600 block of 72nd avenue. dell and a friend were inside this minivan. >> the victims were inside the parked vehicle when they were approached by a suspect who was armed with a gun. >> reporter: there was an
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argument. the suspect opened fire killing both men and fled on foot. neighbors woke up to at least 5 gunshots. >> we think it was a sawed-off shotgun because it was a loud boom. >> reporter: around 9:00 last night, an 18-year-old was shot and killed in his car on 90th and macarthur. a few hours later a few miles a with a 26-year-old was shot. >> anytime we lose a member of our community to loss it's a loss for the city. >> reporter: some oakland residents are fed up with the violence and don't think police are doing enough. >> these crimes go on and on and on. people don't like the cops because they're not going to find out -- they won't find out who mushedded my son. >> reporter: police are asking anybody with information to come forward and along with crimestoppers are offering a cash reward. also, one woman was injured by a stray bullet in one of those shootings last night. michelle. >> thank you, elissa. disbelief for students and
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parents in albany today as they mourn the death of a young teacher there. investigators believe he took his own life. and the as cate caugiran explains, he had just been arrested last week. [ crying ] >> my son's life... >> reporter: it's the second wave of shock for students, parents and teachers at albany middle school. >> we loved james. he has been part of our family. we're very active in sports. he as a great man. we just love him. [ crying ] >> it's a big loss for everybody. >> reporter: dozens gathered around this memorial mourning the death of 6th grade teacher james izumizaki. people in the crowd were holding each other in tearful moments. alameda county sheriff says he was found dead in a car yesterday of an apparent suicide. investigators are reviewing a note he left behind and plan an autopsy today or tomorrow. >> it's just mind boggling that this had to come to this. and it's a shame, i guess. he just -- i guess he just
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thought that he was going to lose all the stuff that he was doing. >> reporter: it was only last wednesday these parents were dealing with the news izumizaki was arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd act on a minor. police were investigating after one parent reported he had an inappropriate relationship with a former student. but these parents believed in izumizaki's innocence and that he succumbed to the pressure. >> nothing... we don't even know the whole story. we don't even know. >> reporter: some parents say with izumizaki's untimely death, it's a story no one will truly know the answers to. the principal at albany middle school tells me that there will be counselors for students and staff today and they also plan on releasing students early. in albany, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a seagull landing on a power line apparently caused a house fire in berkeley today. a deputy fire chief says the bird somehow caused a 12,000 volt line to fall into a grassy area sparking a fire and the flames spread to the house.
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a man who lived there noticed the weeds in his front yard on fire. he says he thought about putting out the fire himself. >> i tried to grab the garden hose and an off-duty firefighter said don't do that because there's downed lines. so within seconds i was sequestered away from the house. >> a section of delaware street was shut down while nearby buildings were evacuated and crews secured the downed line. the fire caused about $50,000 in damage. while no one was hurt, the seagull did die. investigators are looking into what caused an early- morning fire destroying half a house in vallejo. it broke out at about 3:15 at a home in el camino real. two people inside were able to get out safely. a young man managed to salvage his college diploma that he had just earned a few months ago. a firefighter was treated for exhaustion. alum rock park closed because of extreme fire danger
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there. to reduce the potential for fire in the vallejo park, no public activities will be allowed today. the emergency closure is only in effect for today. but it could be closed longer if weather conditions don't reach a fire-safe level. so how hot will it get today? we hit triple digits yesterday. lawrence karnow has the forecast. >> we are getting back into triple digits today, maybe a degree or two cooler but still hot. beautiful sunshine now but it looks like those temperatures really beginning to heat up. in fact, these numbers very impressive hotter than yesterday at this time. 94 degrees right now in livermore. 87 degrees in concord. 79 in oakland. and 89 degrees in san jose. these numbers going to be running well above the average for this time of year. usually, in the 70s and the 80s. today, much above the average. about 100 even in livermore. about 98 in concord. san francisco at about 86 degrees.
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so hot all the way to the coastline. we do have some big changes coming our way, some much cooler weather, also. we'll have more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. the east contra costa fire district has received a federal grant to rehire laid off firefighters and hire even more. the grant is worth nearly $8 million. the district plans to fill 15 firefighting positions that it eliminated over the summer and hire 12 more. the fire chief is searching for qualified applicants and three fire stations that had to close will reopen. the san rafael city council has approved a stronger smoking ordinance. it will ban smoking in all duplexes and multi-family residential units including indoor and outdoor common areas on those properties. there will be an allowance for a designated smoking area if it meets certain criteria. the multiunit properties will have one year to comply with the ordinance. so, how about those oakland as? they are the play-offs for the
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first time in six years. >> he struck him out! [ applause and cheers ] >> there you go. the final out at last night's post-season clincher. the as grabbed one of the wild card spots and they did it with a rotation rookies and castoffs from other teams. it's been a remarkable run and manager bob melvin says he has never seen anything like it. >> the teams before were probably built a little differently than this team is. i mean, we have -- we had our rookie hazing day and there were 18 rookies. i have never been part of that. >> reporter: how do you get them refocused for the next game? >> the way we do every day. they will be back out here again tomorrow. it's early, it's only 10:30. it's a night game tomorrow. they will be ready to play. >> tonight if oakland can beat texas and get them again tomorrow in the matinee finale, they will be the a.l. west champs which means they would bypass the one-game wild card game and go straight to the al league divisional series. we have more coverage on the as
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on we posted dennis o'donnell's champagne interviews last night with the team and a photo galley of the game. rave reviews not so much for apple's newest iphone. a new complaint by consumers and how the glitch is costing them money. >> and it's a new law designed to make it more difficult for parents to opt out of childhood vaccines. but it may end up giving them an out, too. we'll explain, coming up. [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving sog everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. and always have. so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans,
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home arge gain. but up and down day for wall street today. stocks started higher with news of home prices posting a large gain but have come down with materials and energy companies leading the decline down almost 70 at this hour. many verizon customers noticed the iphone 5 was using
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up precious cell data even when it was connected to wi-fi. this pushed many other of their monthly limits long before they should have reached the catch. apple has released a software update to fix it now and verizon says it won't charge for any resulting overages. some at&t customers are reporting some similar problems, as well. the first debate between mitt romney and barack obama is one day away. both candidates are behind closed doors getting ready. the outcome of the debates could help decide the election. but both campaigns are downplaying expectation. cbs reporter tara mergener has more from the white house. >> reporter: workers are setting the stage for wednesday night's presidential debate at the university of denver. both candidates are behind closed doors today getting ready. mitt romney is preparing in colorado and the latest polls show he is trailing the president in most swing states. >> we can do this. >> reporter: his running mate paul ryan is on a bus tour working to sway voters in iowa.
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>> our goal is to earn your support. we want to deserve this victory. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is in the battleground state of north carolina today while president obama studies for the debate in nevada. he is holding practice sessions with former presidential candidate john kerry, playing the part of mitt romney. on monday, the president called campaign volunteers and told one of them what debate preparation is like. >> basically, they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. [ laughter ] >> they're making me do my homework. >> reporter: the stakes are high for the debate but both the white house and the romney campaign are trying to lower expectations. neither side wants their candidate to take the stage with a perceived advantage. the polls show most americans believe obama will win the first debate. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but historically it's the challenger who usually gets a boost. >> less important than what they say is how they appear. do they treat their rival with respect? do they connect with the audience? do they respond at the moment when they have to react?
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how do they look? how do they seem? >> reporter: the debate could have an immediate impact because early voting is already under way in a couple of swing states. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. up next, new rules that make it tougher for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids -- or do they? the loophole thrown in at the last minute. >> skies nice and clear all the way to the coastline. it is getting hot in spots. cooler weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up.
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angels... the navy's precisn flight demonstration team... will make their way to the y area this evening. the blue angels are scheduled to perm for the fleet week air show, the blue angels the navy's precision flight team will perform for the fleet week show saturday and sunday. they will be arriving at sfo around 6:15 tonight, probably right at 6:15 because they're right on time all the time. so we get a check on the weather. >> we should. >> you'll know when they come. they come screaming into town of. i can't wait. fleet week will be great, although the weather will change between now and then. today hot outside no getting around that all the way to the coastline these numbers are now soaring. high pressure overhead. you can see the winds very calm over the bay. and well, as we head into the afternoon, it's going to be hot. it's definitely beach weather today. clear and mild tonight. these temperatures going to stay very warm, even through the midnight hour.
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then we start a gradual cooling trend tomorrow. still probably some spots hot inland tomorrow afternoon but they will be cooling off. right now, it is 94 degrees in livermore. 89 in san jose. we have had to make some adjustments on the high temperature in san francisco. now sitting at 88 degrees. 73 degrees right at the beach in pacifica. high pressure holding on now for one last day. and then it looks likes it will begin to weaken and shift eastward. as it does, our temperatures should begin to come down somewhat. i think we'll start to see some patchy fog developing along the coastline maybe late tonight a little sea haze and then along the copes line we'll see a steady surge of low clouds and fog late tomorrow and then looks like into thursday with more clouds on the way, that will help to bring down the temperatures across the board. but not today. it is going to be hot. 97 degrees in morgan hill. 90 mountain view. 789 high in pacifica. east bay temperatures up into the triple digits into pleasanton, about 100 degrees even in livermore, 100 in fairfield, and 96 degrees in the napa valley. inside the bay hot as well, 90 in san leandro, 89 in oakland
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and about 90 degrees now in san francisco. how about this, the next couple of days. big changes coming our way. the temperatures start to drop off tomorrow. i think more so on thursday and friday with more low clouds and fog and a stronger sea breeze and by the time fleet week pulls into town temperatures below normal sunday and monday and breezy which a couple of clouds. >> too bad the blue angels and the here now. >> even cooler temperatures don't look bad. >> thank you. from the flu to whooping cough a lot of nasty stuff going around in schools now but more and more parents are deciding not to vaccinate their kids. the governor just signed a new law making it harder to opt out, but as dr. kim mulvihill discovered, there's a surprising new loophole. >> reporter: at tri-valley pediatrics, this 10-month-old is getting a flu shot today. the mother talked to her doctor before making a decision. >> we definitely rely on the
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pediatrician as an expert. we put our son's health in his hands. >> reporter: now a new california law aims to have more parents talking to their pediatricians before they are allowed to reject mandatory vaccines for their kids. >> overall, i think, it's definitely the right direction. >> reporter: urged current state law before attending school or daycare kids are required to get certain vaccinations under current state law. parents can opt out with a personal beliefs exemption. this new law doesn't change that. it makes the process a bit tougher. parents will have to talk to a licensed healthcare practitioner and get a signature first. >> we want them to get the real facts rather than things they hear from internet or friends and family without hearing both sides of the story. >> reporter: the director of the department of pediatrics at valley medical center is surprised, at the last moment governor brown anded a religious exemption. parents with religious beliefs ruling out vaccinations don't
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have to jump through this hoop. >> perhaps with this new exception added to it, the bill won't be as effective. >> reporter: even so this new mom thinks it's a good idea. >> your relationship with your pediatrician is a partnership. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5, healthwatch. from stanford university researchers say a virus may be able to stop an aggressive form of breast cancer. the research involved adding a tumor fighting protein to a harmless smallpox-type virus and giving it to mice with triple negative breast cancer. future tests are planned on humans. about 20% of breast cancer cases in the u.s. fall under the triple negative category. a kaiser permanente study says the human papilloma virus vaccine is generally safe but researchers say the hpv vaccine has some side effects for some users, including fainting on the day of the shot and skin infections two weeks afterward. the vaccine protects against hpv, a common sexual infection that can lead to cervical
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>> you know what i meant. it's out of the gate. cbs is hoping it's a big hit. "vegas" sin city in the 1960s with a rancher turned lawman dennis quaid pitted against a mob boss. i chatted with both actors this morning about who ruled las vegas some 50 years ago. >> the sheriff of las vegas then was the most powerful position in nevada being governor was a step down. >> you had to come to him. >> you couldn't make a move. you couldn't even have a dog without a license and you had to get it from me. [ laughter ] >> so it makes a pretty interesting dynamic. >> 15 million-plus tuned in last week. tonight they shake it up inside one of the casinos. it's vegas tonight 10:00 here on cbs 5. >> this is my favorite story today. >> love this. a big black bear no match for the woman who is one determined lady who is loud and
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mighty proud. here she is. >> let me go in your office because he might come after me. >> get down, right now, go! no! no!! down!!! >> look at the bear. down it goes. the same black bear i guess had been visiting this home a number of times. they have six other videos of the bear on the deck. it's being verbally abused. >> i would obey if i heard that. >> i would too. >> have a good one. captions by: caption colorado
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